The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office helped the Opelousas Police Department to get a grant for some life saving equipment.

The grant money was used to pay for half of the cost of about 20 pieces of body armor for police officers.

The Bullet Proof Vest Partnership is a federal grant program that assists law enforcement agencies in obtaining body armor to protect their officers.

Since 1999, the BVP program has reimbursed more than 13,000 jurisdictions, a total of $277 million in federal funds for the purchase of over one million vests.

Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz stated,

"Safety is our number one priority whether it's for my department or another agency. We will assist them in any manner to help them protect their officers. "

Based on data collected and recorded by BVP staff, in 2012, protective vests were directly attributable to saving the lives of at least 33 law enforcement and corrections officers, in 20 different states, an increase 13.7% over 2011.

Opelousas Police Department Chief Perry Gallow said,

“I am thrilled that the Bullet Proof Vest Partnership has approved legislation to help protect the brave officers working every day on the front lines in our communities to keep us safe. These vests are part of our uniform and essential to our police operations. This grant helps us not only stay safe, but be fiscally responsible with Opelousas tax dollars.”