When it comes to DIY face masks, how can you be sure the materials you use are effective in keeping you safe? Dr. Sarah Brooks at Texas A&M is currently testing any material she can to answer that question, and here's what she's found out...

Dr. Brooks tells ABC13.com she and her team have tested bras, shower curtains, coffee filters, even vacuum bags to find out what works best in "particle removal effectiveness" for DIY face masks.

"So how would you wear a vacuum bag or AC filter as a mask? Brooks says to cut a piece out that would fit over your mouth and nose and place it directly in your current homemade mask."

According to her research so far, here are the materials Dr. Brooks says work well, and not so well. The effectiveness is ranked on a scale from 0 to 100, 0 being bad and 100 being good.

N95 material- 100
AC or HVAC filters- 100
Vacuum bags- 94
Bandannas- 28
Coffee filters- 25
Bra cups- 83
Surgical masks- 72

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