Walmart has been criticized in the past for low pay, as well as hiring part-time employees instead of full-time 'associates' to avoid paying benefits, but a Walmart in Cleveland, Ohio has sunk to a new low.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Walmart has posted signs that read, "Please donate food items so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner."  Next to these signs are plastic bins to accept donations.

Kory Lundberg a spokesperson says the store has been doing this drive for a number of years to help associates who have experienced recent hardships like the layoff of a family member.  So Walmart thinks it's ok to ask low income workers to donate food to help other low income workers that they employ.

I'm all for capitalism and I certainly understand charity and helping those in need but Walmart of all enterprises soliciting donations for their own low income workers is mind blowing!  Walmart turned a $15.7 BILLION profit last year!  Don't you think they could find a way to pay a tad more to the low income earners in their 2.2 million employees who need donations to exist.

The audacity of this particular Walmart (if it's only this Walmart) is incredible.

I do my best to avoid shopping at Walmart unless there is something I positively cannot find elsewhere, but I will make sure I look elsewhere even more often.