During the school year, Ken and I do any number of interviews about our little ones out their waiting for the bus, getting dropped off by the bus or walking home.  Now that summer is here, our kids are out there all the time, biking, playing, running, skipping, jumping and all the other fun things that we did as kids.  At least, we hope that's what their doing.  Either way, they are out there, and this summer there will probably also be a host of new drivers, so let's watch out for our kids.

Whether your neighbors, your kids, or the kids at your church are having fun running to the swimming pool, playing Transformers or cruising to a convenience store for the first time, let's remember that they are out there, and let's watch out for them.  Even though school zones aren't in effect in most areas, we can all slow down in neighborhoods, playground and the local swimming pool.  They are precious little creatures, and they are carefree.  We need to be careful.

Kids are kids, and they do what kids do-they chase a football or basketball into the street without thinking.  They may be trying to change the radio station in the car after getting their first driver's license or they may be chasing their dog, either way, let's do our part.  Let's be ready to slow down, wait for our kids, and that way everyone can have a safe summer.

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