According to court documents, Curious Goods, LLC, a business based in Lafayette and controlled by 44-year-old Richard Buswell of Lafayette, sold a product called "Mr. Miyagi" that was infused with the illegal drugs under the guise of potpourri. It's alleged that this happened at Curious Goods stores throughout Acadiana from March through December of 2011, making $5 million.

According to the indictment, Pinnacle Products L.L.C./Pinnacle Products Group based in Marietta, Georgia, would make the product and supply it to the stores.

54-year-old Daniel Stanford of Lafayette and 52-year-old Barry L. Domingue of Carencro were also indicted for their alleged roles, as well as five people from Georgia and one person from Florida.

Buswell is already facing federal criminal charges related to his role in an investor fraud scheme. Buswell has pleaded not guilty to those charges and is awaiting trial.

The investigation and indictment of this case were part of “Operation Log Jam,” a nationwide synthetic drug takedown that occurred on July 25, 2012. During “Operation Log Jam,” more than 90 individuals were arrested and more than five million packets of finished designer synthetic drugs were seized in the first-ever nationwide law enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry responsible for the production and sale of synthetic drugs that are often marketed as bath salts, Spice, incense, potpourri, or plant food.

U.S. Attorney Finley said, “We want the public to be aware of these dangerous substances that are being sold over the counter and marketed to the youth of our communities. This indictment outlines the volume and type of illegal synthetic drugs sold, highlights how lucrative this industry is and reveals the length that criminals are willing to go, to profit while endangering the health and safety of so many citizens who are misled and tricked into having a false sense of security because these substances are being sold in retail stores and not on the streets.”