Just before 9 o'clock last night, detectives with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Narcotics Division pulled over a car on Highway 182 in Morgan City.

A Baldwin Man and a Verdunville man were both arrested, and a woman who showed up at the scene of the traffic stop was taken into custody.

Renaldo Toussaint of Baldwin was arrested on the following charges:

  • A warrant for failure to appear on the charges of possession of Schedule I drugs and resisting an officer
  • A warrant for failure to appear on the charge of criminal neglect of family

Jernell Payne of Verdunville was arrested for the following:

  • Possession of Legend Drug (Flexeril)
  • Possession of Schedule II (Lortab)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Deshineda Conneor of Morgan City was arrested for the following:

  • Distribution of Legend Drug (Flexeril)

Toussaint was arrested for his active warrants, and Payne for being in possession of several Flexeril and Lortab pills.

Conneor came onto the scene as investigators were questioning the men, and she told them she had given Payne some of the pills.

All three were booked into the St. Mary Parish Jail.