There’s less than a month left before federal taxes are due. Metairie CPA Tyler Johnson says the last few weeks have been mighty busy and getting busier as April 15th draws closer. Johnson said procrastinating in scheduling a time to sit down with someone to do your taxes could be a big mistake.

“If you haven’t already reached out to your CPA or tax provider, now is definitely the time as things get rushed between now and April 15th,” said Johnson.

Johnson said one of the biggest things is making sure to keep an eye on the mail to make sure you get your tax docs together, whether its W-2s, 1099s, or health insurance.

“Really, it’s just making sure you’ve got all the right paperwork so you are not leaving with a giant to-do list of things you are missing,” said Johnson.

Johnson said for those that need to file a six-month extension, it’s important to remember that the extension is only for filing a return, not for paying money if you owe on your taxes.

“Because if you don’t pay enough, even if you didn’t have that information at the time, you could still be charged interest and penalties depending on how bad the shortfall was,” said Johnson.

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