Investigators with the National Weather Service have concluded that Saturday's severe weather outbreak which affected many communities in South Louisiana spawned an EF2 tornado that touched down in Krotz Springs.

According to the report from the weather service, the twister actually touched down just to the north of the city. In the location where it did touch down, it destroyed a mobile home and damaged several others. The storm even flipped a mobile home over.

An EF2 tornado is defined as a storm that has wind speeds from 111 to 135 miles per hour.  The EF2 designation comes from the Enhanced Fujita Scale. That's a system of measuring storm intensity and wind speed velocity. It's very similar to the Saffir-Simpson Scale that is used in hurricane forecasting.

While there were no fatalities in the Krotz Springs storm there were several injuries reported. During Saturday's outbreak of storms, three people in Louisiana did lose their lives. The total death toll from this past weekend's storms was listed at 11 nationwide.



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