With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, we'd better get all of the hootenanny out of our systems can before it passes us by. I just found out about a haunt in Leesville, La called the "Tree Farm Massacre" and it definitely looks road trip worthy.


The story behind the "Tree Farm Massacre" is that scientists invented a new tree growth initiative called “Project: Reclamation”. This testing was done as a way to reverse the greenhouse process. The trees grew bountifully and quickly and quickly, but something unforeseen happened in the process. Instead of releasing oxygen, the tree started releasing something that caused the scientists and anyone who breathed it in to crazy.

From treefarmmassacre.com -

"Behavioral changes manifested in the researchers: Aggression, paranoia and hallucinations gradually leading to violent psychosis. From the size and amount of the body parts that were found, their strength and pain thresholds must have given them incredible resistance to the physical trauma a chainsaw can deliver. It was called the “Tree Farm Massacre.”

Pretty cool and original concept I think.

"Tree Farm Massacre Haunted House" is located at 458 Tree Farm Rd., Leesville, LA 71446.

They're open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7pm to midnight.

Facebook via treefarmmassacre