This didn't get past them.

TSA recently shared a photo on social media it shows a gun tucked into a raw chicken.

According to reports, the gun was found in a Florida airport and the person with the chicken in their possession was heading to Port-Au-Prince, Hait.

Terror Suspect Explodes Bomb At NY's Port Authority Bus Terminal
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While this may be alarming to most of us, TSA says hundreds of guns are found on people throughout the year who are boarding planes.

But who conceals a gun in a raw chicken? Well, one person did and they didn't get away with it, which is a good sign that TSA officials are on their game.

Here is a look at the raw chicken that the gun was tucked into. As you may imagine, many on social media have had some interesting things to say about the photo below.

If you'd like to read more on the rules and regulations on carrying a gun with you while traveling, click HERE.


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