Lafayette Police have arrested two of three suspects wanted for a fatal armed robbery that happened in December 2015.

Police Chief Reginald Thomas told media representatives this afternoon that when he started at his post in 2015, he began investigating six open homicide cases.

Thomas appointed detectives to a special investigative unit who have identified the three suspects since reopening the case in October.

Two suspects--18-year-old Drayfus Rob and 24-year-old Jonah Paddio-- have been arrested on first-degree murder. The third suspect, Shon Hamilton is still at-large for first-degree murder.

Thomas said, on Dec. 10, 2015, outside a Surrey Street store the three men robbed 57-year-old Rosando Gonzales after seeing him with a large amount of cash.  Thomas says the suspects then shot Gonzales who died at the scene.

Thomas said of the six original cold cases that the SIU has investigated,  four have been solved.