Tonight, Congressmen Jeff Landry and Charles Boustany will face off in a debate about issues facing constituents in the new third Congressional district.  The district was created after results of the census in 2010 meant that Louisiana would lose a Congressional seat.

It's not the first time that happened in the past twenty-five years as Louisiana went from eight to seven seats in Congress after the census in 1990, and the story was the same after the results of the 2010 census came out.

The numbers showed that Louisiana's "share of the nationwide population fell from 1.59 percent in 2000 to 1.47 percent in 2010," according to the Times-Picayune.

When the state held its redistricting session of the Louisiana Legislature, the seventh district was gone, with a new third district formed, and now Congressmen Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry are facing each other and three other candidates, all vying to become the next Congressman from district three.

Democrat Ron Richard, Libertarian Jim Stark and Republican Bryan Barrilleaux are the other three candidates also running to fill the seat.

Jeremy Lawrence will be the moderator of tonight's debate which will be held from 5 to 6 p.m.  You can here it at 96.5 or at  You can also download a free app on your smart phone to hear Kpel.  The app is called "Radio Pup".