On 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today Congressman Jeff Landry refuted comments made earlier this week by Congressman Charles Boustany.  Landry said this year's campaign has been very disappointing in the fact that there has been a lot of misinformation put out there.   According to Landry, Congressman Charles Boustany earlier this week claimed he was leading the fight against Obamacare and Congressman Landry was disingenuous.  Landry said,

Let's get this straight, I have never said that Charles Boustany does not support the repeal of Obamacare.  All we have said in this campaign is repeat the words that Charles Boustany has said because he went on national television and said he supported 80% of Obamacare.  This was said three or four years ago.  Then this year in a community action meeting in St. Mary Parish...Boustany again said he supported 80% of Obamacare.

Listen to the interview: