A U.S. Justice Department investigation into a child sexual exploitation Web site yields a life sentence for a man in Shreveport.

U.S. Attorney Stephanie Finley reported 52-year-old Kenyan national Brian M. Maweu was sentenced to life in prison for engaging in a child exploitation enterprise-the Web site Dreamboard.

The Web site is described as a private, members-only online bulletin board that promoted pedophilia and encouraged the sexual abuse of very small children in an environment designed to avoid detection by law enforcement.

Maweu was extradited from Kenya in 2014 after investigators discovered he used the alias "Catfish"  to post 121 messages to the Web site, 34 of which were posts containing child pornography that he produced. For his agressive activity on the site, Maweu was labeled a "Super VIP" member of the malicious site.

The prosecution was a result of Operation Delego-an investigation launched in 2009 to target individuals around the world for their participation in Dreamboard. To date, officials have charged 72 individuals, arrested 57 of them and convicted 49 as a result of Operation Delego.

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