SCOTT, La. (KPEL News) - Those who live, work, and travel along Dulles Drive in Lafayette/Scott have definitely had to exercise patience over the last couple of years with needed construction taking place.

Roundabout on Dulles Drive, KPEL photo
Roundabout on Dulles Drive/N. Domingue Road, KPEL photo taken in 2022

The Dulles Drive Widening Project, for instance, has resulted in its stretch between Ambassador Caffery Parkway and N. Domingue Road not only being widened but also getting needed sidewalks, lighting, and a new roundabout at N. Domingue.

Driving down Dulles Drive to its intersection with Rue De Belier, there has been the need for a roundabout for some time as traffic easily gets congested in that area, especially leading up to Acadiana High School Wreckin' Ram football games in Scott in the Fall.

Photo Courtesy: TSM Lafayette
Photo Courtesy: TSM Lafayette

A partial opening of the Apollo Road Roundabout was supposed to happen on Wednesday (June 14th) after the morning commute. That announcement was made on Monday by Mayor Jan-Scott Richard. However, the sign deliverables that were supposed to be at the roundabout for the partial opening are not in today, so the opening will be delayed until Thursday morning.

A recent video posted by Fenstermaker discusses the special monument that will be the centerpiece of the new roundabout when construction is completed later in 2023.

Mayor Richard outlines the details of how the partial opening will work:

  1. Travel east on Dulles and use the roundabout to head south only.
  2. Travel north on Rue De Belier and enter roundabout to head west and use detour road to head east.
  3. Travel west on Dulles from Westgate and use the roundabout to continue west or go south on Rue De Belier.
  4. Apollo Road heading north will NOT be open until the road is completely done which is expected late August/early September.

Traffic Closures Happening During Resurfacing of Pinhook Road in Lafayette, Louisiana

LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Pinhook Road is about to be a much smoother drive for Lafayette commuters!

Earlier this year, construction began on the stretch of Pinhook Road between Mall Street and Jomela Drive as workers for Lafayette Consolidated Government began applying new lining on the inside of subsurface drainage pipes. This is within the particular stretch of the often-traveled roadway that is a bit challenging (and kind of dangerous) to navigate: the slim stretch between the bridge over the Vermilion River and its intersection with University Avenue.

Then, a longer stretch of Pinhook Road - from Jomela Drive to Dorset Avenue - construction began to make that 1-mile stretch much smoother for drivers. This resurfacing process was forecast to last for about three months, weather permitting.

In the first phase, workers conducted drainage improvements along side streets near the Oil Center during daytime hours. According to LCG, "traffic flow on Pinhook w(ould) be virtually unaffected aside from a couple of days of temporary one-lane closures."

Now, crews have moved into the next phase: resurfacing Pinhook from Dorset St. to Jomela Drive. Crews are removing and replacing asphalt during evening and overnight hours to have the least impact on traffic. There will be alternating lane closures Sunday through Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. as this mile-long stretch of road is expected to be completely resurfaced in 4-6 weeks, weather permitting.

Nighttime Traffic Closures Happening on I-10 in Breaux Bridge, Henderson

There is a string of traffic closures happening on Interstate 10 in St. Martin Parish as asphalt work continues in the area.

Interstate-10 Henderson Exit, google street view
Interstate-10 Henderson Exit, google street view
  • The outside lane of I-10 Eastbound from Mile Marker 108 to Mile Marker 115. Closed NIGHTLY from 6:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. (Monday - Friday). NOTE: Emergency vehicles will have access through the work area but may encounter delays. No detour is necessary.
  • I-10 eastbound entrance ramp at Exit 109 – LA 328 (Breaux Bridge). Closed NIGHTLY from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. (Monday - Wednesday). NOTE: The exit ramp will remain open at all times, while the construction is being performed on the entrance ramp. The ramp closures are necessary to allow crews to perform asphalt operations. Motorists traveling on LA 328 (Rees Street) will only be able to access I-10 eastbound via the posted detour route, which includes accessing I-10 westbound to Exit 104 (Louisiana Avenue) and then traveling southwest on Louisiana Avenue, then travel onto I-10 eastbound. Emergency vehicles will not have access to the eastbound entrance ramp at Exit 109 – LA 328 (Breaux Bridge). Detour routes will be posted during the ramp closure periods.
I-10 near Breaux Bridge Exit, google street view
I-10 near Breaux Bridge Exit, google street view
  • I-10 eastbound from mile marker 108 to mile marker 117. Alternating NIGHTLY lane closures from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. (Monday - Friday). NOTE: Travel lanes will be reduced to one lane through the immediate construction zone, which may cause drivers to encounter delays. Emergency vehicles will have access through the construction zone but may encounter delays.
  • I-10 eastbound exit ramp at Exit 115 – LA 347 (Henderson). NIGHTLY closures happening from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. (Monday - Wednesday). NOTE: I-10 eastbound motorists will only be able to access Exit 115 – LA 347 (Henderson) via the posted detour route, which includes continuing on I-10 eastbound to Exit 127 (Whiskey Bay) and then travel northwest on LA 975 to access the I-10 westbound entrance ramp to Exit 115. The I-10 eastbound entrance ramp will remain open. Emergency vehicles will not have access to the exit ramp. There will be no vehicle width restrictions associated with this work.

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