[OPINION] If you're like us, you're trying to juggle a lot right now. No school for kids. Working from home. Managing to get up and smile through a very uncertain time. Trying to keep your child's mind from turning to mush is just another "to-do" item.

Meet Ms. Jamie.

Unlike her older sister, my 4-year-old does not have structured at-home learning. We are doing our best to limit Disney+ and other mindless activities for her and sometimes we're more successful than others. By chance, we came across a YouTube page called Play To Learn Virtual Preschool. Its a series of video lessons available on the site, Ms. Jamie calmly guides the youngest and brightest pupils through the basics. Or so I thought... About 10 minutes ago, my daughter came up to us and did the ASL sign for three different colors. "I learned it from Ms. Jamie.

I have since gone back and looked at all of the lessons. There is definitely enough to keep us learning for the near future. If you're looking for something for your pre-k or kindergarten student to watch and learn from, THIS IS IT.

Thanks, Ms. Jamie!

-The Kirkpatrick Family

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