The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville is known for being haunted but it isn’t too often that visitors get to take a picture with a ghost.

Tour Director Hester Eby says a group of women took a picture in the breezeway and it appears that Chloe wanted to photo bomb the selfie.

“Chloe, in the early 1800s was a slave here, she was a mistress of the owner. She was caught eavesdropping on some of his family business and as punishment he caught up her left earlobe.”

Eby says as revenge Chloe poisoned a cake that killed the owner’s wife and two children so she was hanged. She says every once in a while, Chloe is known to pop into a picture.

“It lets you know that it’s not a little hearsay at The Myrtles that we’re haunted, we really are and people are not shy about letting others know.”

Eby says The Myrtles is already nationally known as a haunted house but expects the viral photo will help bring in visitors in the near future.

“A lot of people come and do not believe in ghosts, we’re not trying to persuade anyone or convince anyone, but when they leave, 90% of the time they have a different outlook on it. It’s like, well maybe.”

FB Post from Myrtles
FB Post from Myrtles

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