It's alligator mating season, and with all of the rivers and bayous around Acadiana pretty high right now from all the recent rain, you might want to watch your step!

Listener Wade Duplechin submitted this video he took of a really big alligator gingerly swimming along under the Bayou Teche Bridge in Breaux Bridge. By Duplechin's account, the alligator is close to 10ft and definitely the biggest one he's seen in the area.

Alligator mating season takes place starting with courtship in April, then mating throughout May and June according to

Wade Duplechin Via YouTube
Wade Duplechin Via YouTube

Also of note is that when temperatures begin to rise, so does alligator's metabolism, which means they'll be looking for things to eat.

For pet owners who live close to bayous in Acadiana, it's also advised to keep your pets on a leash and away from the water this time of year. Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn, so stay extra vigilant during these times.

It's also advised to never feed alligators such as in situations seen in this video. According to "feeding them can lead the animals to overcome their natural wariness of people and teach them to associate people with food."


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