A wax replica of President Donald J. Trump was removed from a museum because people kept punching it.

And scratching it, and anything else they could get away with doing to it.

The wax museum in San Antonio, Texas, reportedly moved the figurine to its storage facility because of the damage that was being caused by visitors who were, obviously, not fans of the former president.

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According to the story in UPROXX, the statue was first moved toward the front of the facility with the idea that there would be more eyes on the figurine, but even that didn't stop people from expressing their gratitude to his service.

How did people lash out the most? By either punching or scratching the figurine in the face. The punches seemed to not cause much damage, but the scratches were deep, and they raised enough concern to have him removed (not certain if it was by a vote, or if someone just did it by executive order).

UPROXX mentioned that the San Antonio museum isn't the only museum that has removed a Trump figurine: a Berlin museum ceremoniously threw his likeness into the mülleimer, while a British museum dressed theirs in golfing attire.

Why can't people limit their political rage to the ballot box? Wasn't it enough just having had him voted out?

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