At what age do you feel comfortable leaving your kid home alone?

That's a question my wife and I have had recently. When we had an 11-year-old sometimes there was a situation where it would just be more convenient to let him stay home alone.

That's a tough call for a parent. In our case, we've started giving him some "test runs" for an hour or so and thus far he's done well.

But there's another question to beg -- "Is it legal to leave your kid home alone?"

Well, in Louisiana and 33 other states, there is no age requirement for leaving your child home alone. In the states with age requirements, those ages range from 6 to 14 years old.

It sure sounds like common sense should prevail in most situations. suggested the following when considering leaving your child home alone.

Before you consider leaving your child without supervision, be sure they are reasonably mature, able to take care of themselves, and completely prepared for emergency situations. Set ground rules, review basic safety guidelines, and establish routines that are designed to keep your child healthy and safe.


How about you, at what age do you think kids can be left home alone?

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