Valentine's Day is creeping up on us this Sunday, and if you're like me you probably haven't even started thinking about what you're going to get for your sweetheart this year. Maybe taking a look at the most Googled Valentine's Day gift in Louisiana might help you out a bit.

The folks over at have "spent more than 250 hours collecting and analyzing Google Trends’ data pulled from the past 17 Valentine's (throughout the period of 2004-2020) to find out the most googled Valentine's gift in each state" according to their new press release.

Obviously they found the usual Valentine's Day suspects like chocolates, flowers and champagne but a few of the findings are pretty interesting. Yes, we'll call it interesting.

In Arkansas, it's couple tattoos. In Iowa, the big Valentine's Day gift people want to know more about are tandem bicycles. Mississippi is keeping it real spicy for Valentine's Day with...picture frames.

In Louisiana, our most Googled Valentine's Day gift is apparently "Plus Size Lingerie".

Below is the map from

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