The food website The Daily Meal has released a list of the items you should most definitely avoid this Thanksgiving. The top offenders are listed here, but be sure to read the article for the full list and healthier alternatives.

If you go by this list, all that's left is lettuce and ice cubes.

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    Candied Yams

    We certainly enjoy our yams here in Acadiana, and even have a festival dedicated to them. It's recommended, however, that you don't add anything to make the already sweet potatoes any sweeter, like sugar or marshmallows.

    Louisiana Yambilee Festival via YouTube
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    Fried Foods

    Here in south Louisiana, Thanksgiving is just one more excuse to fry something, whether it's a turkey, chicken, or traditional Cajun delights like seafood. That said, you should avoid these as much as possible due to the heavy amounts of bacteria in fried foods that cause arterial plaque to grow.

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    We know more than a little about gravy here in Acadiana, and while they aren't always unhealthy, the kinds prepared (or purchased) for Thanksgiving tend to be high in starches.

    (by flickr user Rick)