One of the things that people often say about the people in Louisiana is how kind we are. When trouble strikes it seems that people go out of their way to help others. We often do things that will help other people, and when we see someone we think is in danger we will do our best to help them.

Early Thursday morning in Zachary, two little girls were seen walking down Old Scenic Highway. No parent or guardian seemed to be with the little girls, so the person who stopped to check on the children contacted the authorities.

While all of the answers to the questions everyone might have about how the little girls were able to find their way to a highway and start walking down it are not answered yet, we do know that the juveniles are okay.

It's summer and depending on the activity level of your children during this break, you have probably already heard multiple times, "Mom/Dad, I'm bored". It's the same as when we were that age; you can't wait until summer and then you are bored two weeks into it.

What happened with these little girls is a somewhat similar story. When you are young and impressionable, your teachers and caregivers can be your entire world. You love them and care for the like they love and car for you.

According to the Zachary Police Department, that seems to be the case with the two little girls seen wandering around.

Officials say they found out from the children that they had each packed up their backpacks because that is what you would do on a normal, typical day if you are going off to school.

They packed up their bags and started walking to their school because they missed their teachers. Yes, they missed their teachers so they were just going to walk until they got to the school so they could see them. Their little mission was to visit their teachers at Zachary Early Learning Center.

This is terrifying and super sweet all at the same time. The police department wanted to take the time to thank the people who stopped to check on the child along with all of the people who flooded social media when their picture went out this morning.

According to the Zachary Police Department, the girls were reunited with their family. Thankfully, this story has a wonderful ending.

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