Here we go, again!

A woman scolded a mother in a park after she saw a kid driving a "car" in the park. The only problem here is the "car" in question is a toy car.

The confrontation happened in California and you can hear the older woman say that she has never seen a car in the park before.

That is when the mom tries to explain to the elderly woman that it's a toy car and that's what the park is for---for kids to be able to play.

Even though the woman behind the camera attempts to explain to the older woman that the car here is not real, the older woman still wants to know why the kid is driving without a license.

Are people overreacting these days? We have seen many videos in recent weeks of people trying to correct others or confront others on such minute issues.

Here's the confrontation. You can decide you may or may not have been in the wrong here.


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