Hey big-time alert here, Father's Day is this Sunday, June, 20th. If you thought Mother's Day was a difficult task when shopping, get ready for the day dedicated to the guy with the best Dad jokes. What do you get for the guy that has it all? Are you going to take him to dinner at his favorite spot and try to buy dinner? Good luck with that, you already know your dad hates when someone else picks up the tab. Take the guessing out of what to get dad, thanks to a recent study we know just what he wants.

According to a recent study, Dad just wants a nice steak, a phone call from the kids, and some peace and quiet for Father's Day. If you have not ordered a Father's Day present yet, just do yourself a favor and follow the list of must have's for pops.


Omaha Steaks enlisted the help of OnePoll to prove a very important point when it comes to giving the perfect gift. So what does dad want? Check out the top 5 gifts for dad according to the survey. Please note we did not include complimenting his grilling skills or his ability to make his lawn the most beautiful one on the block, you should complement those stellar dad skills daily.

1. A phone call from children.

2. A big ole steak.

3. Peace and quiet, shhh.

4. Watching the game with the family.

5. A few beers or twelve (We don't judge dad on his day)

Here is your reminder, call your dad, buy him some steak, include some beer with the steak and then leave dad alone. Perhaps take mom out of the house so dad can just hang out on the recliner with no interruptions.

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