Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the world's most perfect can holder. Can't call it a Koozie, 'cause that's a registered name brand and this item is not a Koozie. But it's kinda like Kleenex, most people refer to all tissue as Kleenex. This is not a Koozie brand item, but it acts like one. This item is a one-of-a-kind un-spillable beverage cooler from Toadfish and it is the only can holder you will ever need or desire.

The Toadfish non-tipping can holder's, innovative SmartGrip technology will not only keep your can of cola or adult beverage ice cold, but it will also keep you from spilling it. When placed on a flat surface, the can holder will not fall over when hit with your hand, a tray of BBQ or a fishing reel, it just won't fall over. But when you pick it straight up, like magic, it releases itself without any resistance.

You will never waste a drink again. At home, on the boat or in the car, you will never make a mess...ever. It also comes with a slim can adapter.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

With Father's Day coming up on June 19, there may never be a more perfect gift. And get one for mom as well, they will love it.

Toadfish also promises to use part of the proceeds of sales to replant new oyster beds to help clean coastal waters.

If you don't want one of these, it's because you already have one. -"CJ", Morning Show Host

The Toadfish non-tipping can cooler is in stock now in Lafayette at the Neighbor's Pharmacy gift shop for about $24. Neighbor's Pharmacy is located at 6770 Johnston St., Lafayette, LA 70503.

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