The crowds won't be quite as large as they have been for previous runnings of the Zydeco Marathon and Half Marathon this weekend in Lafayette but there will be quite a few runners and they will be running through the streets of Lafayette and Acadiana both Saturday and Sunday.

The event, like so many others, has had to deal with coronavirus concerns. It has been tenuously scheduled for the March 13th and 14th weekend for some time now. As you might imagine concerns over COVID protocols and social distancing have no doubt affected the field of runners but at least we are going to be able to hold the event.

Here's the way the schedule breaks down for those interested in attending and showing support for those running along the course. Saturday's events include a one-mile fun run and a 5k event. That's 3.1 miles for those of you who didn't do well with the metric system. Those events will begin at Rock N Bowl in Downtown Lafayette at 7 am for the fun run and 8 am for the 5K.

By the way, Rock N Bowl will serve as the host venue for packet pickup. Runners may get their packets, bibs, and credentials at Rock n Bowl on Jefferson Street between 3 pm and 8 pm on Friday and again from 7 am to 7 pm on Saturday. There will be no packet pickup on race day Sunday.

Sunday's events will start early with gear check opening in Parc International at 5:30. The marathon, half-marathon, and relay events will all begin at 7 am. Runners will be spaced out and socially distanced in starting waves. Which wave you run in will be determined by your estimated finishing time. Other social distancing protocols will be in effect at the beginning of the race as well.

Post-race activities will be held at Parc International with awards to be presented for Half-Marathon competitors at 10:30. Full marathon competitors will receive their recognition at Noon.

This year's course will wind some 26.2 miles through several neighborhoods and areas of the Lafayette community. Motorists are reminded to mindful of runners on the streets early Saturday and again on Sunday morning in and around the official racecourse.

The forecast does call for mild temperatures at "gun time" both Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and don't forget, we'll do that clock thing this weekend too. Don't forget to "spring forward" Saturday night or you'll miss your start time on Sunday.

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