Counter-protesters demonstrated in cities across the country in the wake of the deadly attack in Charlottesville, Virginia during a white nationalist rally. Top officials in the Trump Administration call the event "domestic terrorism" after an Ohio man, who has ties to at least one recognized hate group, plowed his car through a crowd. Social media has been fixated on this as elected officials have come out to condemn the attack. With everything out there this morning, here are five threads to pay attention to here in Acadiana.

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    Vigil Held In Lafayette

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    Louisiana Lawmakers Respond


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    Charlottesville Protesters Fired

    At least one participant at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA was fired after a picture of him marching with a torch went viral. A Berkely, CA bakery where he worked came out and said he no longer worked for them. Photos of alt-right protesters went viral after the initial demonstration on Friday night.

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    The Entire Weekend Was Essentially 'Caught On Camera'

    The difference in what happened this weekend in Virginia and other similar attacks is that the entire thing was caught on camera. Multiple angles of the car plowing through the crowd was posted on the internet within seconds of it happening. This will make the court case extremely challenging for the Ohio man that some say has been obsessed with Nazi culture for many years. In an interview with a local newspaper in Toledo, Ohio, the man's mother told a reporter he told her he was going to the rally. We knew for several days before it actually happened that violence was anticipated as both groups squared off.

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    Was progress made?

    [OpEd] As I reflect on the events of the weekend and look at what the response has been... it seems like this whole thing has been eerily uniting. Prominent Democrats and Republicans who are traditionally at opposite ends of issues, have something in common...the belief that white supremacy has no place in modern American society. Yes, we can look back at past leaders and see all of their shortcomings when it comes to forging a society that is equal to all. But, it seems like this weekend could be a shift away from focusing on the things that divide us and instead capitalize on the things we agree on. History proves that the federal government, right on up to the President, will drop the ball on this and go back to politics as usual. But, this is a different time. Maybe it will be different this time. -Rob Kirkpatrick

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