Summer is back with a vengeance as State Climatologist Barry Keim tells us we can expect higher than normal temperatures through the week due to a high-pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico which will see higher humidity levels and reduced cloud cover.

“How this high pressure is going to be set up in the gulf, it’s going to serve as a pump, pump that humidity into Louisiana from off the Gulf of Mexico. So, expect high humidity levels, which is going to lead to high heat index values ranging from 100 to 110.”

Keim says the conditions will likely run through this upcoming weekend and that the morning temperatures will see the biggest jump compared to average levels for this time of the year.

“We are expecting temperatures around 3 or 4 degrees above normal through this upcoming weekend and the morning temperatures particularly uncomfortable ranging from the upper seventies to near eighties. Whereas normally they are in the low seventies during this time of year.”

Keim does recommend to utilize caution with such intense heat in the area.

“Stay hydrated, avoid long periods outdoors and long exposure to the sun, and try to dial back your exercise just a bit.”

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