It's another big shopping day as stores view after-Christmas sales the final round of the 2017 retail rush. LSU Marketing professor Dan Rice says today is a great day to stock up on Christmas decorations and wrapping paper which are dramatically reduced in price as shops look to unload the inventory.

He says it's also a big day for returns and exchanges.
"It'll be busy as folks try on clothes, or maybe head back with something that didn't work for them," said Rice.
Whether you’re looking for items that were in short supply before the holiday, or simply out to treat yourself with special bargains, Rice says post-Christmas deals feature all kinds of savings.
He says retailers are looking at the shelves and considering how easy will it be to hold on to that stock or not, and that's where the sales come in.
"Is it something they'll be able to continue to sell throughout the year," said Rice. "Or is it something that really needs to be sold soon."
Rice says the 2017 holiday shopping season will go down as a huge one for retailers, but it remains to be seen if it's because people actually have more money in their pockets.
"Some may be perceiving that they are going to have a lot better pay next year," said Rice.