Recently, on-line retailer removed Todd Starnes' book "Dispatches From Bitter America" from it's website.  Today Starnes visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and said Amazon had re-listed his book.  Having read the book and not finding anything inflammatory in the book we questioned why would ban the book.  Starnes replied,

My book which is about a gun-toting, chicken eating son-of-a-Baptist, they found that content offensive but they're selling man-boy love books with no restrictions.

After some investigation and prodding from the Fox Network and Mike Huckabee Amazon reversed itself.  According to Starnes,

Within an hour of queries from Fox and Governor Huckabee, Amazon relented and put the book back on the site for sale.

Starnes also discussed:

  • Charlie Rangel
  • Southern Culture must be overcome by the rest of the nation
  • Gun Control
  • Presidential inauguration
  • Governor Chris Christie

Listen to the interview:

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