LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- Wade Lohse, the 43-year-old Youngsville man who walked out of his trial earlier this year, sparking a nationwide manhunt, will not be released on bond, according to Assistant District Attorney Jay Prather.

Prather made the comments during a media briefing outside the Lafayette Parish Courthouse, where updated information was given about the capture and extradition of Lohse.

"Rest assured this defendant will not be out on bond as a result of motions that I made with the court," Prather said. "So even though they have a bond hearing tomorrow...I'm going to appear at the hearing, I'm going to oppose bond being set."

Capt. Kip Judice, the public spokesperson for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, made it clear Lohse was not in police custody, nor was he being supervised, when he walked out of his trial a couple months ago.

"He had bonded out, posted bond, was as free as you as I when he came and appeared in court," Judice said.

Lohse was set to be tried on charges of felon on possession of a firearms, Prather said. He likely would have faced the charges of vehicular homicide later in the week, Prather said.

Judice couldn't say whether Lohse received assistance any assistance in his escape, but investigators do know Lohse spent time in Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

"In terms of each one of those stops, and who may have helped him, or what they knew about his live on the lamb is still up in the air," Judice said.

Lohse's YouTube video, while helpful, did not "make a break in the case," Judice said.

Lohse is facing additional charges of theft and bail jumping. The first charge is in relation to the theft of a frozen drink machine, Judice said.

Lohse has been "extremely cooperative," Judice said.

Lohse was re-booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center at about 2 a.m. Sunday morning, according to jail records.

Lohse was set to stand trial for the 2012 drunk driving death of 29-year-old Cacie Barras, but he walked out of his trial.

He resurfaced a short time later via a YouTube video in which he claimed his constitutional rights were being violated.

Loshe was arrested by U.S. Marshall’s in Philadelphia after he was observed walking out of a bar.

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