A Baton Rouge mother is seeing double (again) after giving birth to her third set of twins.

According to The Advocate, Baton Rouge resident Courtney Spears' latest delivery brings her total number of children to 7, with six of those children being a twin.

What are the odds of a woman (naturally) having twins? According to The Tech website: about 1 in 250.

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What are the odds of having a second set of twins? According to Team-Cartwright website: 1 in 70,000.

What are the odds of having a third set of twins? According to the British Broadcasting Company: 1 in 88,000.

What does this all mean? It means that Courtney Spears needs to buy a Powerball ticket, as she is definitely defying the odds.

Photo by Stefano Ferretti on Unsplash
Photo by Stefano Ferretti on Unsplash

According to The Advocate, all 6 of Courtney's twins are under 2 years of age, so I am certain that Courtney will have her hands full for the next several years.

The story reports that Courtney has been discharged from the hospital, but Eva and Camryn, the twins, need to gain a little more weight before they are released.


Congrats to the Spears family!

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