Scientists speculate, statistically speaking, there are at least six other people in the world who look just like you. And now, there's a way you can find them.

Have you ever been accused of being somewhere you weren't? Of doing something you didn't do? It happens more than you think. That's because there are complete strangers, not related to you, walking around who look just like you. That means there are at least 7 faces just like yours on the planet right now.

The free website uses Face Recognition Software to compare your image to millions of other people. All you do is upload your picture and the website does the rest.

The website continues to grow daily, so keep checking back to find your doppelgangers. People who look identical to someone, but not related, are called doppelgangers.

For best results:

    • Center your head in the photo.
    • Look directly at your phone's camera.
    • Make sure there is no hair across your face or eyes.
    • Don't tilt your head.

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