Opening statements




Brent – Leonville: Both candidates are in favor of repealing ObamaCare, if repealed what solutions would you propose to healthcare?


Evan(taken on air 10/24/12):  Medicare?  What kind of changes would you make to make it work better?


Scott - Lake Charles: This campaign has been exceptionally negative, and the two of you have been unnecessarily vicious toward one another in your advertising -- which, quite frankly, is a huge turnoff for me as a voter. It's also a mindset that seems to have poisoned Congress. Do you or do you not think an inability to be civil to one another is damaging to the American political process? What would you do as congressman to help reverse that trend?


Ryan(taken on air 10/24/12):  Which one of you is more inclined to help create jobs in the oil and gas industry?


Ronnie - Facebook:   I would like both of them to explain their positions on the debt ceiling increase.


Misty - Facebook:  If you could change one vote you have made in your tenure in Congress, what would it be and why?


Laura - Baton Rouge: Can both gentleman please explain what they believe would be a good solution to our fiscal problems of taxation and spending?


Frank – Abbeville: The US Congress has an approval rating that seems to hover between 10 and 15% in most polls. That low rating is over a fairly long period of time. Can you name three good things about the Congress and also tells us how you hope to be an effective Member of Congress?


Closing statements



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