Nearly two weeks after becoming embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, Broussard police chief Brannon Decou is going on a voluntary leave of absence.

According to city spokesperson Holly Cope-Lynn, Decou will remain on leave until the city government's investigation into the allegations against Decou is completed.

"His decision is based on the City legal counsel's advice on best practices: That he take leave to protect the integrity of an ongoing investigation," Cope-Lynn said in a statement.

Cope-Lynn reiterated that Mayor Ray Bourque and the city council could not comment on the case until the investigation is finished. Cope-Lynn attached Bourque's earlier statement about the situation. That statement reads as follows:

While we have no authority over the Chief because he is an elected official, we agree with the City’s legal counsel that best practice dictates that he take leave to protect the integrity of the investigation. Above all, it is our duty to protect the employees, the people, and the reputation of our great city and to allow due process. We take seriously our responsibility and the trust placed in us by the people to lead, especially during challenging times. We are proud of the dedication of our police force and want our residents and businesses to be assured that their safety and security remain the top priorities of these professional men and women.

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