President Trump is scheduled to visit Louisiana next Tuesday. Trump will highlight job growth of the energy sector in Cameron Parish and tour a shipping facility that uses trains to bring in liquefied natural gas for export overseas. Eighty-eight percent of Cameron Parish voters supported Trump in 2016 and Parish Assistant Administrator Darrell Williams says they are elated for the visit.

“We’re very excited that Cameron Parish is on the map of for President Trump to put on his list of places to visit,” said Williams.

Williams says since the Trump took office, the energy industry has grown in the parish with businesses like the Cameron LNG Export Facility.

“It’s been phenomenal to tell you the truth. We’ve got currently three companies either operating or constructing in Cameron Parish,” said Willliams.

Williams says the latest jobs numbers in the parish have reflected positively upon the LNG industry.

“It’s almost 14,000 jobs just in Cameron Parish. This is a parish with a population of 6,800. This has been a huge boost to the economy in Cameron Parish,” said Williams.

President Trump will also visit New Orleans for a fundraiser following his time in Cameron Parish. This is his third trip to the bayou state since taking office.

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