The Louisiana Attorney General's Office wants parents to know about some children's items that have recently been recalled according to a press release.

From time to time, Attorney General Jeff Landry's Office will receive information about products that are being recalled due to product design or other flaws.

I can't even imagine the worry and angst that parents must go through on a daily basis. You are trying to handle so many things and protect your child. That's one of the reasons we always want to assist when we have important information for you by writing these stories.

Recalls affecting the following products have been made:

  • The 10-in1 Incredible Inventions Science Kit by Anker Play Products
  • Shepard Boy Plush Toys with Wire Shepard's Staff by Parker Squad
  • Toy Trumpets by Juratoys
  • Children's Multi-Purpose Helmets by SmartPool
  • Cabina Bunk Beds by Casa Kids

Each of these products is being recalled for various reasons. By clicking here, you can find out more information about the products, the reasons for their recall, and if there is something you can do to fix the items.

Attorney General Landry says,

As the State's chief legal officer, I am committed to doing all that I can to make Louisiana a safer place to raise our families. For the safety of our State's youth - I encourage everyone to heed notice of these recalls and remedies.

If you need more information, you can call the Louisiana Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-351-4889.

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