Louisiana will be one of several states to participate in a Civil Rights trail. Nine meetings will be held throughout the state in an effort to get input from citizens across the state. Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser said Alabama has a huge draw with their portion of the Civil Rights trail.

“We want that trail to continue through Louisiana and we are looking to identify sights around the state that are relevant to the civil rights movement,” said Nungesser.

Nungesser anticipates that some of the crucial landmarks to the era may be gone, but would be recognized with a plaque. However, there are other significant structures that will likely play a role in the trail.

“The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, of course, Southern University, things that occurred at the State Capitol building and specific dates and times that things happened,” said Nungesser.

Alabama and Mississippi are also participating in the trail, with Alabama already making a big investment in marketing their state. Nungesser says the state has been working with a Civil Rights team to find a home for a museum to be a big part of the attraction in Louisiana.

“We are working with them to identify a building in New Orleans that would just be another asset in that whole opportunity for tourism for a Civil Rights trail,” said Nungesser.

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