US Senator David Vitter has joined 44 other Senators in an attempt to block implementation of the Obama Administration’s overtime rule, which doubles the salary threshold under which employees qualify for overtime pay. Vitter says this will drastically impact small businesses, particularly in Louisiana, as well as employees.

“A lot of them are going to be pushed to less than 40 hours a week, far less flexible work arrangement, and far less ability to move up in the workplace,” Vitter said.

Vitter says there is a motion of disapproval making its way through the Senate that would block the implementation of this rule. He says this is another example of executive overreach by the Obama Administration. He says the salary increase is far too drastic for businesses.

“It’s not updating this 10%, 15%. It’s more than doubling the thresholds, so it’s really rewriting the law administratively,” Vitter said.

The current rule says employees who make less than $23,660 can qualify for overtime if they work more than 40 hours. The proposed rule increases the salary threshold to $47,476. Supporters say this rule will put more money into the pockets of low and middle-income workers. But Vitter says the overtime rule is actually a bad thing for American workers.

“Pushing these folks to less than 40 hours a week in many cases, giving them less responsibility, less opportunity to move up,” Vitter said.