According to reports, the FBI has raided former United States President Donald Trump's home in Palm Beach, Florida. A press release includes a statement from Trump as his Mar-A-Lago home was raided by federal agents for hours.

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It was not immediately clear why the FBI executed a raid on former U.S. President Donald Trump's Florida home.

One thing is clear; the federal agents were not welcomed with open arms.

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FBI Raids Donald Trump's Florida Home

The investigation was initially reported by @PeterSchorschFL which you can find via Twitter below.

CNN says that Trump was not home at the time of the raid. The outlet's report goes on to say that the raid began early Monday morning, with agents focusing their efforts on the area of the club where Trump has his offices and personal quarters.

Donald Trump Issues Statement on FBI Raid

See the statement shared by @kyledcheney on Twitter below.

Why did the FBI raid Trump's house?

More details from @kyledcheney reportedly say that the hours-long raid, "... centered on allegations of improperly removed documents from the Trump White House - including some that may have been classified". See that report below.

Reports say that both the Justice Department and the White House have declined to comment on the raid at this time.

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