The Better Business Bureau is warning against participating in popular social media challenges.

"Viral" challenges were popular before this global pandemic, but since COVID-19 has caused us to shelter in place there has literally been a new challenge every week. While the challenges are fun, authorities and agencies are saying that we're handing the answers to the most popular security questions over to hackers who may be trying to steal our information.

As harmless as your terrible senior photo may seem, the BBB says it could cost you.

What most people forget is that some of these 'favorite things' are commonly used passwords or security questions. If your social media privacy settings aren’t high, you could be giving valuable information away for anyone to use.

If you're not familiar with the #Classof2020 challenge, it asks folks to share their graduation photo to stand in solidarity with the Class of 2020 who will be missing out on graduation, prom and all the other things that come with wrapping up your senior year.

Side note (and possibly an unpopular opinion): I never understood how this was something that seniors would enjoy, especially since it's the exact experience they are actually missing out on. I think this tweet sums it up.

Plus, you'd definitely have a better chance of connecting with these seniors on Instagram or TikTok anyway.

So, if it's a list or photos of cars you've owned, favorite sports teams, favorite television shows or anything that sounds like what you would answer to recover your password just know that you can totally play along, but consider the risks.

Watch out, scammers or hackers who surf through social media sites will see these #ClassOf2020 posts and will now have the name of your high school and graduation year, which are common online security questions. All it takes is an internet search to reveal more information about you, such as family members, your real name, birth date, or even where you live.

I should also say that information that you share online goes far beyond viral challenges. Don't skip out on the latest car challenge, but literally have all your other information readily available. Even Lafayette Police warned users to be mindful of what they consider safe to share with the world.

A general rule of thumb is that if you don't feel 100% comfortable playing along, then trust your gut. Also, make sure your security setting are buttoned up. Not only should you be considerate about what you share, but also who are you sharing it with?

I say all of this to also say enjoy social media, have fun, connect with your friends who are probably feeling lonely and don't live in fear—oh, and check on your maw-maw.

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