Deidre Druilhet, spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, visited "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to update our listeners on the  progress of on-going projects in the area.

According to Druilhet:

We've just completed a major signal upgrade project throughout the Lafayette and New Iberia areas. What we've done is replaced a number of "wire span signals."  Those are traffic lights that are suspended between two poles.  During heavy winds, such as we experience during hurricanes, those can be very dangerous.  Those are being replaced at many intersections with "mast storm signals."  They're on a sturdier pole without wires, and they can withstand higher winds.

In addition to the replacement of some traffic lights Druilhet said:

We also installed a new signal where the exit ramp of Westbound I-10 meets Louisiana Avenue. That light replaces a stop sign/yield sign combination that confused many drivers.

We asked how the on-going project between Albertsons Parkway in Broussard and Wall Road in Youngsville was progressing, and Druilhet replied:

The project is moving forward, but we have a lot of shoulder work and median work to complete before we can complete all the J-turns we have planned for that corridor.  We hope to have that project completed within the next 60 days, weather permitting.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the blue arrow below: