He was lit.

Watch as a man, who appears to be having a really good time at a wedding reception, nearly burns the venue down as they prepare for the official exit.

The man is seen with sparklers in his hands and while dancing he does not notice a piece of decor near him.

When he lowers his arm with a sparkler in hand, he sets the piece of decor on fire and within seconds it is up in flames.

Someone noticed the white drape near it and quickly tears it down before it to is engulfed in flames.


But there's more, the man who set the decor on fire puts his arm into the flames and throws the flaming decor to the ground, and then proceeds to stomp out the flames.

You can see that the woman with his is not happy about this, but luckily for them, the whole place did not go up in flames.

Remember, sparklers can be dangerous and you should always be aware of your surroundings while you have them in your hands.

Here's the wild venue that has been circulating on social media.


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