Each summer for the last several years, local eateries have showcased their food, the culture and reasons for eating in Lafayette at locally owned restaurants. Want some great food? Want a great deal?  Eat Lafayette is just right for you!

The Eat Lafayette campaign was started with Charlie Goodson at Charley G's and has grown to over 50 participants in this year's program.  Gerald Breaux with the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" to talk about the campaign and the Rand McNally contest.

Breaux talked with Ken Romero and Bernadette Lee about the various local restaurants participating in this year's Eat Lafayette Campaign.  When Goodson was visiting with Breaux and another restaurant owner they were talking about the fact that more people should be reminded of all the great local restaurants in our area, and then the campaign was born.

Breaux talks about the campaign, and Lafayette being a finalist in a "best food" competition from Rand McNally.