The Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to begin emergency operations on the Mississippi River as river levels are expected to crest later this month at a historically high level for the winter months at Vicksburg and Natchez.

Fifth Louisiana Levee District President Reynold Minsky says relief wells were installed, which should reduce flooding.
"Hopefully, they'll perform as they are supposed to do," Minsky said. "If they do, it should eliminate some of the sandbagging that we did in 2011."
The Mississippi River reached an all-time high water level in 2011 and Minsky says they learned a lot from that event, which is helping them this time around.
"I think the things that we learned, and the lessons we learned, are being taken well," he reflected. "I think it's going to improve our efficiency on tending to this flood."
Minsky says hesco baskets, which are filled with sand, serve as temporary levees. He said they will be used again to protect businesses in downtown Vidalia.
"If they don't use them, all those buildings would flood at the stage (the river) is predicted to go to today."