Festival International de Louisiane veteran and acclaimed Acadiana photographer Paul Kieu has some tips to keep your Festival experience from breaking the bank.

With all the music, food, drinks and vendors your little Cajun heart desires, it's easy to get a little out of control downtown. These tips will help keep your finances in check.


  • stevendepolo, Flickr
    stevendepolo, Flickr

    Don't Pay To Park

    Take the free shuttle from Cajun Field to downtown or walk/bike. Don’t pay for parking.

  • blizzard_77, ThinkStock
    blizzard_77, ThinkStock

    Save Money For "Real Drinks"

    Bring a reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste and to save your drink budget for alcohol.


  • festival international de louisiane
    festival international de louisiane

    Become A Festival Volunteer

    If you can’t afford merchandise, visit the Volunteer Center at the corner of Lee and Jefferson (in front of Rock n Bowl) and sign up for a shift or two over the weekend. You get a free t-shirt out of the deal and admission to the wrap party on Sunday night.

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    Try "Family Style" Food Court Dining

    Gather a few friends and hit the food court together so everyone can buy one or two dishes to share with the entire group.

  • Brittney McZeal, Festival International
    Brittney McZeal, Festival International

    Budget Using RFID Wristband

    Get your festival RFID wristband and load it with exactly how much money you have budgeted for drinks to keep yourself honest.

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