The severe flu season in Louisiana has relented, as health officials report fewer cases than in late December and January.

Over one in ten hospital and doctor visits were flu related at one point.

State Immunization Director Dr. Frank Welch says it’s now down to 3.5%. He credits an aggressive flu shot drive.

"Our campaigns and our messages to prevent the flu and stay home when your sick and go get vaccinated.  I really think they are paying off and we're seeing much less flu."

The CDC says the flu season can last as late as May. Welch says if you have so far avoided the flu, don’t count yourself out just yet.

"I think there's still probably some flu vaccine out there.  So if you haven't been vaccinated, go get vaccinated."

Louisiana seems to have been hard hit with the flu bug this year, but Welch says the state is faring better than other areas of the country.

"We kind of burned fast and quickly and hot.  Whereas everyone else kind of went up, now they're coming down.  The rest of the country is still in the thick of the flu season, seeing a lot of cases."

He adds if you are sick with the flu, stay at home and isolate yourself while contagious.

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