When I found out that Brandon Comeaux had never had a fried bologna sandwich, I had to remedy that situation.

It ended up being a team effort! I have to say a big thanks to our boss, Mike, for allowing us to cook up fried bologna in the newsroom! What a great guy!

Thanks to my husband, Bret, for getting all the supplies for us this morning!

And a big thanks goes out to Moon Griffon for flipping the bologna on the griddle while Brandon and I were doing the show! I mean, here's this guy just trying to prep for his show, and he pitched right in to become KPEL's official Bologna flipper. (Insert your own jokes here!)

How is it that Brandon never had a fried bologna sandwich?

Brandon said,

"We just never had bologna.  We had ham a lot, but never bologna that I can remember, and I know we never had a fried bologna sandwich.  You know ham is like the sophisticated older brother to bologna!"

We had tons of folks calling in this morning to give us ideas on what Brandon could put on his sandwich, and how they like to each a fried bologna sandwich.

To me, a fried bologna sandwich was always fried bologna, Evangeline Maid bread and delicious mayonaise.  Some callers said they love fried bologna and mustard.

One lady says she remembers eating fried bologna sandwiches with cheese and a fried egg when she was a child.

One thing is for sure, mouths were watering this morning, and several people emailed me to tell me they plan to buy some bologna on the way home to fry it up for dinner!

Now, I don't eat a fried bologna sandwich one a week, or even one a year for that matter, but tasting all the juicy, fried goodness today brought back fond memories of my mom, my sisters and the chilldhood that they made so great for me.

If you have never had a fried bologna sandwich, then do it, it's fun.  If you have a particular way you like it, I loved to hear your concoction! Just email me at bernie@kpel965.com.

I hope this brought back happy memories for you, and I hope 2016 holds many great memories and blessings for you!

Now I am off to find another can of deodorant spray.......whew! It's stinks in here! Hahahahahaha!