Glass Half Full was born out of the concept of people in Acadiana who use their personal and professional roles to make Acadiana better. There was one qualification, the work had to be done now and it would have to continue for years to come. Glass Half Full would not be possible without the support of Service Chevrolet Cadillac, POUR Restaurant and Bar and

Here's to season two! COMING SOON

  • 1

    Episode 1: DJ Digital

  • 2

    Episode 2: Anita Begnaud

    Glass Half Full, May 2019
  • 3

    Episode 3: Anita Begnaud

    Glass Half Full, June 2019
  • 4

    Episode 4: Justin + Marie Centanni

    Glass Half Full, July 2019
  • 5

    Episode 5: Ken Ritter

    Glass Half Full, August 2019
  • 6

    Episode 6: Lana Fontenot + Jermaine Ford

    Glass Half Full, September 2019


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